Andalites very much seem like a the centaurs of ancient mythology, ith a lower body similar to a horse and a torso similar to a human. Andalites are incredibly agile on their four hooved legs.

Their entire bodies are covered in fur, the males blue in color while the females are bluish-purple. The fur becomes tan-colored as both sexes age and mature. The head of an Andalite has a pair of almond-shaped eyes, as well as a second pair of "stalk-eyes", mounted on two thick stalks that rise from the top of their heads, giving them a 360-degree range of vision. Their sense of sight is similar to that of humans, with the stalk eyes capable of seeing a slightly wider spectrum of light wavelengths. A notable facial feature is the lack of a mouth.

Andalites feed by crushing grass beneath their hooves, absorbing the nutrients from the plants, and communicate by means of telepathy.

One of the more noticeable features of an Andalite is their formidable defense in the form of the single, scythe-shaped blade at the end of their long tails.

Andalites were one of the earlier races to join the UGA, and were very involved in the war against the Black Horde - especially when it came to battling Yeerks and their controllers.

Andalites have invented a special technology that allows other beings to absorb the DNA of creatures and than morph into that creature at a later date. They are very secretive about this creation of this technology and only reluctantly allow other UGA members to use it.


  • +1 DEX, +1 INT
  • Telepathy: Can communicate with all within 60 meters.
  • Tail Attack: 2d4, slashing, 19-20 Crit
  • +2 to Spot & Search Checks
  • Starts with Andalite Morphing Ability (No Morphs to start)

Racial FeatsEdit

'Tail Mastery: You have been trained in a special Andalite Martial Art that utilizes your tail-blade. While using this form, the character gains +3 BaB when using their tail-blade. Tail damage increases to 3d4, and critical hit range increases to 17-20. Character gains +2 to disarm attempts while using this form. Requires character l'''''evel 3.