The Avariel are a very rare race of winged elves. They hold many of the same characteristics of High Elves, except their skin is typically paler - almost seeming to glow in the right light. Of course, their most noticeable characteristic is the large feathered wings on their back that give them the ability to fly. Avariel tend to stay with other elves when possible, and are affiliated with the United Galactic Alliance.

It is very rare, but Dark Elf Avariel have existed. Their wings are typically a brown color.


  • +1 DEX, +2 CHA, -1 CON
  • Flight: Average mobility, 90ft/round.
  • Magic Resistant: +2 to Saving Throws vs Magical Effects
  • Low-Light Vision 60'

Racial FeatsEdit


Because of their exotic appearance, some Avariel are targets for slavers, who sell them as showpieces, pets or worse. If the Avariel is resistant, it is common to clip their wings...or remove one (or both).

Benefit: Character gains +4 CON. Also gains Favored Enemy against the race that enslaved them (+1 to all rolls against that Race).

Special: The Avariel can no longer fly.