Most accepted symbol of the Black Horde. It represents order around chaos.

The Black Horde, named thusly for their sheer numbers and the dark coloring of their ships, is a faction in the loosest sense of the word. It represents the more violent, dangerous and generally hated races in the galaxy. Most of these races are generally too stupid to run anything on the scale of the Black Horde, they do have definite intelligent leadership. It is rare for the Black Horde to do anything as a full, organized unit, but when they do, the results are devastating.


Not much is known about what controls the Black Horde, even for races within it. It is generally acknowledged that the more intelligent races within in the Horde (Dark Elves, Changelings, Shadows, Yeerks etc) rule the rest with an iron fist. As a faction, it is very much ruled by fear.

There is a Supreme Dictator of the Black Horde, but who it is at present, is a mystery.


The goblinoids and orcs which make up the largest numbers of the Black Hordes have created their own ships, which are rather pitiful in comparison to any Federation or Galactic Alliance ship, and rarely can hold their own for more than a few minutes. However, very rarely will any Black Horde ship attack alone - numbers are their greatest ally. The Black Horde is quite good at mass-producing ships, and while their numbers can be overwhelming, an individual ship's power is not that great. The Black Horde favors quantity over quality. The moveable battlestations that the Black Horde makes, known as Warcities, are quite functional in their ability to attack, withstand attack and work as an environment for hundreds of thousands of creature to live on.

While much less common, the leadership races of the Black Horde have devastating ships. While lightly armored, they make up for it in pure speed, stealth and firepower.