Breen in refrigeration suit

What is known about the Breen is that they are secretive as well as aggressive though it must be stated that they do not exalt violence for its own sake and that their aggression always has some kind of purpose.

The Breen are a rather mysterious race in that no other race has seen them outside of their special refridgeration suits. Outside of their suits, the Breen body is made of ammonia and gelatin, and can only be full solid in freezing temperatures. If it gets too hot, they will start to dissipate, leaving behind nothing but a slight skeletal system.

It is known that they do not have "blood" and that psionic abilities such as telepathy do not work on them.

In battle, they are very ruthless, but will rarely try to kill their enemies. The Breen as a society do not abhor slavery and many of their opponents find themselves being sold or working hard labor rather than being killed. It is very important to Breen to turn any endeavor they pursue into some kind of profit.

Breen are very group-based, and do not like being away from their own people.

The Breen are a part of the New Space Conglomerate and the Black Horde.


  • +2 to Base Attack Bonus
  • Refridgeration Suit: +5 AC, Damage Reduction 4/-, Damage Resistance (Heat) 10/-. Can not wear other armor.
  • Immune to mind-affecting abilities
  • Heat Weakness: When exposed to temperatures above 100'F, the character begins to take 1d4 lethal damage a round.

Racial FeatsEdit

Group Mentality: When with other Breen, your character gains a bonus in combat. Character gains +1 to Attack Bonus for every nearby Breen. This is to a maximum of the character's level.

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