Cyborgs have machinery hidden within their body.

An individual is considered a cyborg (and not a member of their original race) when more than 50% of their body has been replaced with cybernetic implants - though this is not always noticeable, as many cyborgs use a flesh-like material to cover them.

Some do the replacement out of necessity, others out of a desire to improve themselves - either way, individual cyborgs are very different from one another.

The primary thing separating cyborgs from droids or androids is a certain amount biological material which allows the individual to process thought. As most cyborgs have had their implants for many years, many have performed "adjustments" to certain aspects, giving them some of their implants some advantages.

There are cyborgs in all factions.


  • Template: Player must choose a base race to add the Cyborg template to.
  • Immune to Disease and Poisons
  • Character gains +4 to Repair checks on themselves
  • Character gains the Cybertaker Feat (x8)
  • At character creation, the character chooses six cybernetic implants to be added to their character. If the Cyberbrain is chosen, than it takes up three implant slots allowed by this special ability.
  • Takes EMP damage as a droid would.

Racial FeatsEdit

Jury-Rigged Boost: Your character has put an ability to temporary boost the ability of one of their prosthetics. For one round at a time, the character can activate this boost. The limb the boost determines the effects. Arms gain +1d10 to unarmed attack damage, +4 to STR and +2 vs grapple checks. Legs gain +1d12 to attack damage, +10 to movement speed and +8 to Jump checks. There is a 25% chance at the time of the boost, that it will damage the prosthetic it is attached too - this can often lead to temporarily lost of ability in that limb (DM's discretion). This feat may be taken more than once.

Revealed: Your character no longer uses flesh-gel to cover up cybernetic implants. Character gains +5 to Intimidation checks.

Reinforced: Your character has reinforced themselves to protect from damage. Character gains +2 AC and damage reduction 1/- . This feat may be taken twice, the effects stacking.

EMP Shielding: Your character has gained some resistance to electro-magnetic attacks. Character gains damage resistance 5 vs EMP attacks. Requires character level 4.