Delvian Female

Delvians are a species of humanoid appearance, roughly the same height and proportions as the average humanoid species. However, instead of being a form of animal or creature, Delvians are actually sentient plants, with their main characteristic being blue skin with light green patterns.

Likely due to their plant origins, Delvians rarely have any kind of body hair at all. While not necessary to survive, Delvians do recieve energy when exposed to sunlight. Delvians will starve if they do not eat. If a Delvian is ever about to starve to death, they will enter a self-defense state and sprout buds all over their bodies. These buds produce a highly agitating pollen that causes uncontrollable sneezing and teary eyes, making them easy prey for a desperate Delvian.

Again, due to their plant nature, Delvians will heal from injury or sickness much quicker if placed in a small amount of nutrious soil. Delvians are immune to viruses and diseases that affect normal humanoids, but are suspectible to diseases that target plants.

Delvians are a spiritual and open people. Many spend hours in meditation, and some have developed certain abilities from doing so.

Delvians are a part of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma
  • Photosynthesis: When in direct sunlight, Delvians gain +1 to all saving throws and an additional +1 vs all Fear effects.

Racial FeatsEdit

Delvian Seek: The character knows how to properly meditate. The character gains +1 to Will Saves for every hour they meditate (to a maximum bonus equal to the characters current level + 1) . Requires Wisdom 14.

Enhanced Photosynthesis: The character has learned how to harness more energy from sunlight. In addition to the the other bonus, the character gains an additional 1d6+2 HP and +1 Strength. Requires Character Level 3.

Unity: The character has unlocked a Delvian mental ability through meditation. The character may touch a willing subject and form a bond with them, allowing psychic and spiritual communication. This can be used to help recall forgotten memories, heal a damaged psyche, unlock mental potential or simply as a bonding ritual to communicate on a different plane of thought. Requires Delvian Seek feat and Character Level 3.

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