Furyan Alpha

After many centuries of colonization throughout the "Verse", humans have managed to adapt to some of the most extreme and harsh environments - and from a colony on Furya, come the Furyans. Because of the eccentric orbit (incredibly erratic tides and severe weather) and the volcanic nature of Furya, they have evolved to survive in the harshest of conditions. They are faster, stronger and hardier than the average human. They are very few in number.

A rogue, insane captain came upon the Furya colony, demanding many of the colony's gathered resources to continue his own pirate operation. The Furyans refused and fought back, but they did not have the orbital firepower that the rogue pirate captain had. The colony was completely destroyed, and despite numerous distress calls to the Human Federation - help never showed up to help. This made the Furyans very bitter toward their former government.

Largely (and successfully) surviving on their own, the Furyans do not have a collective faction they consider themselves a part of and act largely as drifters. Very rarely do they join with any faction.


  • +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CON
  • Pain Resistance: +2 to Fortitude Saves vs Massive Damage effects
  • Rapid Healing: x2 Healing Rate of normal humans
  • Darkvision 60"

Racial FeatsEdit

Alpha Furyan

Your character is a natural leader within the Furyan race.

Prerequisite: Character Creation

Benefit: Character gains an additional +1 to either STR, DEX or CON. Character gains +4 to Intimidate checks.

Furyan Rage

The destruction of your people has allowed you to tap into an inner rage - making you much more dangerous

Prerequisite: Character Level 3

Benefit: One per day, the character can gain an additional +4 to STR, DEX and CON. Character also gains +1 to all saving throws and an additional +3 to his melee BaB. Character gains +50% additional hit points and will not fall unconscious until they reach -10 (at which point they die). After the rage runs its course (1d6+level minutes), the character is considered exhausted.