Grey Alien

Greys are short grey humanoids typically about 4 feet tall. They posses short and stubby arms and legs. Their heads are large and bulbous with large black eyes. Elder Greys often posess heads that dwarf their torsos.

While physically weak Greys are gifted with strong mental abilities. They are also one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of the star faring races.

Most Greys have left known space or even known dimensions for higher realms. A few scattered colonies remain more out of a sense of obligation to supervise less developed races than out of a desire to stay.

Grey adventurers are usually altruistic characters seeking to enlighten less fortunate races. There are a few less ethical grays that have remained to pursue twisted science or secretly dominate lesser races.

Greys are a mostly unaffiliated race.


  • +4 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -5 Strength, -3 Constitution
  • Old Space Traveler: Greys gain +6 to navigation checks in known space, and +3 to navigation checks in unknown space.
  • Bigger Brain than Most: At character creation, Greys automatically gain 25 skill points that can only be used for knowledge skills.
  • Psychic Since Birth: You gain either Telepethy or Telekineses as a free ability at level one.

Racial FeatsEdit

Ancient Tech: You don't have access to all your races advanced weaponry, but you brought a few things with you. Weapons and armor acquired at character creation are considered to be +2. With a successful DC 30 check you may be able to modify other weapons and armor to +1 or +2(dm discretion). Must be taken at character creation.

Great Teacher: Younger races recognize you for what you are right away and hope you'll share your races vast knowledge. +10 to Diplomacy with non-Grays. Requires character level 4 and Wisdom 16.

Twisted Science: You've spent whole life times learning secrets best left undiscovered. You gain +10 to knowledge or research checks that a good aligned character would find evil or abhorrent. Requires character level 4 and Intelligence 20.