Half Life

Half-Life Human

Half-Lives, derogatorily refered to as Half-Deads, are living beings that were infected with the zombie virus (scientifically refered to as 'Romero's Disease') but through some miracle or half-cure, were not infected.


The victim's body enters some kind of mixed state where it is both alive and dead - part of the body affected by the disease, while other parts are 100% living.

There are occasional physical changes in appearance - some hair loss, graying of the skin or a deadening of the eyes being the most common. If they do not shower frequently or use deodorant, Half-Lives do produce a distinct odor.

Otherwise, the character is the same as they were before. No real personality change or lowering of intelligence. There have been some cases of Half-Lives suffering memory loss after being infected, but not many.

Half-Lives are carriers of Romero's Disease, but can not spread it. Whatever causes the victim to not completely transform into a zombie also mutates the disease so it can not survive outside the victim's body. Half-Lives are completely immune to further infection.

Many people mistrust Half-Lives for fear that they might bring the zombie plague wherever they go. It is usually not a good idea for a Half-Life to reveal what they are.

Half-Lives are mostly ignored by other zombies, but in some circumstances, they can still be attacked.

Half-Lives are very rare in the universe, and typically choose to belong to whatever faction they were apart of in "full life."


  • Template: This is a template to be added onto a base race.
  • +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -4 Charisma
  • Immune to all diseases.
  • Immune to fear effects.
  • Can survive without breathing for their Constitution in minutes.
  • +2 to Will Saves vs Psionic Effects
  • Ignored by normal zombies unless the Half-Life attacks first.
  • Relatively common for sensors to not register Half-Lives as life signs.

Racial FeatsEdit

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