Group of Humans

Humans (Homo sapiens) are one of two known space-faring, intelligent species to have originated from the planet Earth (the other was the Voth). As the Latin word for their homeworld is "Terra", Humans are sometimes referred to as "Terrans". They are largely independent of other races in the galaxy, keeping within their own faction in the universe called the 'Human Federation.' Some have been known to work for the United Galactic Alliance - though largely, they stay loyal to the Federation.


  • Quick Learners: Humans gain an additional 4*(INT Modifier) added to their skill points during character creation.
  • Humans recieve an extra character feat during character creation.

Racial FeatsEdit

Spartan Training

Intense training that allows a human character to qualify for the Spartan class.

Prerequisite: Human, Character Creation

Benefit: Character gains +2 to BaB, +2 to Spot, Search and Listen Checks, and an addition +1d4 hp per level up.

Highlander Bloodline

Character is not affected by the ravages of old age.

Prerequisite: Human, Character Creation

Benefit: Character will stop physically aging between the years of 20-30. +2 Save Bonus vs Disease, Poison and Instant Death Effects.

Naval Academy Training

Character was trained at the prestigious Human Federation Naval Academy.

Prerequisites: Human, Character Creation

Benefit: Character gains +4 to Pilot, Navigate and Diplomacy checks. Character may chose one skill to receive an additional +4 bonus to.

Apache Blood

Your character has Apache Indian Blood in his veins.

Prerequisites: Human, Character Creation

Benefit: Character gains +1 to BaB and +2 to Stealth Checks. Character's DM may decide the character has access to the Apache ability known as 'Power', which temporarily gives an additional +4 to BaB, +6 to Stealth Checks, 5/- Bullet Resistance and telepathy (unlimited range). It is very rare for the Power to manifest in anyone.

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