Irken Tallest

Irken Tallest

Hailing from Planet Irk, Irkens specialize in tactical warfare, and war engineering. Their goal: total conquest of the Universe, referred to as "Operation Impending Doom II." Their social hierarchy is based solely on height. Irkens are not associated with any faction - they have their own plans for universal domination. When they believe it favors them, they have sided with the Black Horde.

Within the universe, the Irken Empire is not particularly feared by any faction - mostly because the numbers are always in favor of the UGA, BH or HF, but nonetheless, in open space, going against the Irkens without backup can be quite dangerous.


  • +1 INT, +1 DEX, -1 CHA
  • Water Sensitivity: Water causes pain when it comes in contact with an Irken's skin. While in contact with any water, the Irken takes 1 damage (non-lethal) per round until they are dry/out of water.
  • Caste: Irken characters choose a caste and additional gain abilities based on that caste. This can not be changed.
    • Tallest: Growing to be the tallest of the Irken race grants the character knowledge and abilities to lead others more proficiently. +1 WIS, +1 INT. +2 to Knowledge (Tactics). Tallest Irken have the ability to levitate 2/day.
    • Invaders: Growing up to be average size or smaller, Irken Invaders are sent to different worlds to discover the world's secrets and attempt to take them over. +1 DEX. Invaders have bio-disguise devices that allow them to resemble a lifeform on the planet they are trying to invade (Disguise Self at will (it takes 5 minutes to change disguises from one that was already set)).

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