Klingon Warriors

The Klingons are a humanoid warrior species that originate from the planet Kronos. The Klingons are a proud, tradition-bound people who value honor and combat.

The aggressive Klingon culture have made them an interstellar military power to be respected and (if you are on their bad side) feared. Klingons believe that they have the instinctive ability to look an opponent in the eye and see any intent to kill.

The most distinctive feature of Klingon anatomy is a ridged forehead. On average, Klingons are larger and physically stronger than Humans. Internally, Klingon anatomy is markedly different from that of Humans. There is a great deal more multiple redundancy in their organs, allowing Klingons to survive severe injuries in battle.

The Klingons are associated with the United Galactic Alliance, often acting as a significant portion of any military action that the UGA gets involved in.


  • +2 STR, +2 CON
  • Immune to Fear
  • Damage Reduction 1/-
  • Immune to effects of massive damage

Racial FeatsEdit

Augment Virus: Your character is infected by the Augment Virus, a created virus which enhances Klingons with Human Augment DNA. Your character gains +2 STR, +1 INT and +1 CHA. Your character starts with an extra feat at character creation. Your character does not have the traditional forehead ridges that other Klingons have (-2 to CHA checks when dealing with other Klingons). The Augment Virus damages your character's genetic and neural material, causing the character to be less resilient to disease (-2 to Fortitude checks vs disease), -1 to Will Saves, and is no longer immune to fear. Can only be taken at character creation.

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