Kobold Grunt

Kobolds are maybe one step above goblins, but are still considered low level fodder and vermin. Kobolds stand about 3' tall, with scaly hides, reptilian heads, and tails. They are distant relatives to dragons.

Since its inception, Kobolds have been a relative key part (mostly as fodder) for the Black Horde.


  • -4 STR, +3 DEX, +1 CON
  • Darkvision 60'

Racial FeatsEdit

Cannibalism: Being at the bottom of the social ladder can make one do crazy things to stay alive. A kobold with this feat can consume another kobold to regenerate 80% of their hit points.

Runt Of The Hatch: You are the smallest of your closest kin. Your small size grants some advantages: +8 DEX, -6 STR and -2 CON (this replaces the normal Kobold starting bonuses). Must Be Taken At Character Creation.

Dragonheart: Inside your chest beats the heart of a dragon (this may be a metaphor). Character gains +1 to CON and +2 bonus to saves vs Fear. Character gains +1 to Charisma checks with other Kobolds. Must Be Taken At Character Creation.