Red Ribbon Android

Red Ribbon Android Male

Red Ribbon Androids use human bodies as base units, only the insides are replaced with highly advanced robotics.

Red Ribbon Androids are created for pure combat purposes, leading them to be incredibly dangerous.

At first, Red Ribbon Androids were without personality, doing only what their creator commanded, but as the line became more advanced, they started to become self-aware.

No longer bound by their owners, they are now off on their own as independent minds - often based on whatever their personality was prior to being "upgraded." While mostly designed for combat, they have been know to excel in almost any field.

Red Ribbon Androids are associated with all known factions.


  • +5 Strength, -1 Charisma, -1 Wisdom
  • SN Strength 2, SN Intelligence 1
  • Can not take Magic, Psionic or Force-related classes
  • Not detectable by scanning technology
  • +2 Natural AC

Racial FeatsEdit