Romulan Captain

Although Romulans are descended from the same ancestors as Vulcans, they are surprisingly different both physiologically and culturally. Romulans have pointed ears, upswept eyebrows, and copper-based blood that is green when oxygenated in the arteries and copper or rust colored when deoxygenated in the veins.

Culturally, the race believes in discarding genetically or physically inferior infants, and conquering in order to preserve their own race. They often favor cautious approaches to problems - throughout their long history of war Romulans have rarely attacked first, opting instead to test their enemies' resolve.

Their interest in other species is normally limited only to how they threaten Romulan security, or could further Romulan interests. Very unlike the Vulcans, Romulans do not try to control their own emotions. As a rule and tribute to their arrogance, the Romulans claim to have invented every technological breakthrough before any other culture. In some cases, it is correct - they were the first, for instance, to master large-scale cloaking technology for starships.

The Romulans were originally a member of the Black Horde but after the great war between the factions, they switched to the UGA, making them tenative members. Romulans have rarely gone out of their way to assist the UGA in any of its interests.


  • +2 Wisdom, -1 Charisma
  • +4 to Listen Checks
  • +2 to BaB when working with another Romulan

Racial FeatsEdit

Influence: Romulans are fantastic at gaining influence (through diplomancy or manipulation) with almost any group or individual. Character gains +2 to Charisma-based checks.