Soong-Type Androids are rarely distinguishable from one another

A Soong-type android is type of android first created by the great cyberneticist Dr. Noonien Soong. All Soong-type androids are equipped with sophisticated positronic brains, granting them sentience. Soong-type Androids resemble humans, except with pale-white skin and yellow eyes.

Soong-type Androids have photographic memories and super human strength.

Most Soong-type androids are members of the Human Federation, though a few have ventured out into other factions - mostly the United Galactic Alliance, though some are now part of the Black Horde.


  • +4 STR, +4 INT, -4 WIS
  • SN Strength 1, SN Dexterity 1, SN Intelligence 1
  • Android Frame: +2 AC, Damage Reduction 2/-
  • +4 to Computer Use Checks
  • Immune to fear, or other emotion-targetting effects.
  • Electrical Attacks/Damage do +1d8 more damage to Androids

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