Tau Warrior. Artist credit: slipgatecentral

Every Tau is humanoid in shape. Their grey-blue skin is leathery and tough and exudes no moisture, owing to the generally dry conditions of their homeworld. Their faces are flat, wide around the eyes, and their olfactory organs are located inside their mouths. Their eyes can see into the infrared and ultraviolet. Tau eyesight is good, but they focus on distant objects slower than humans.

The Tau are not very good in close combat, as they find the whole concept uncivilized.

Tau society follows a rigid caste system, with each caste taking on the name of an element that is close to them. Thus, the warriors of the Tau Empire became known as the Fire (Shas) Caste, due to their fiery temper. The artisans and scientists became known as the Earth (Fio) Caste, being the most pragmatic of the Tau. The diplomats and administrators became known as the Water (Por) Caste, as water flows through all life, uniting it. Lastly, the Tau messengers and spies became known as the Air (Kor) Caste, traversing the land on top of gusts of wind.

With the invention of aircraft, and later spacecraft, the Air Caste would become the pilots of the Tau Navy.

Generally, Tau are an open-minded race, greatly preferring peace to warfare. The Tau are members of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • A caste must be chosen for any Tau at character creation.
    • Fire (Shas): Character gains +2 Dexterity, +1 to Ranged Attacks and Temper: 1/day, for 2 rounds - Character gains 2 additional attacks at -1 BaB each.
    • Earth (Fio): Character gains +1 Intelligence, +1 Charisma and +4 to a skill of the player's choice.
    • Water (Por): Character gains +2 Charisma and provides a +1 Attack Bonus to allies within eyesight of the character.
    • Air (Kor): Character gains +2 Dexterity, +2 to Stealth Checks and +1 to Pilot Checks.
  • Tau suffer -1 to their Attack Bonus when in melee combat

Racial FeatsEdit