Trill Female

The Trill are a unique "joined race", wherein the humanoid Trill provide host bodies for small, soft-bodied entities in a symbiotic relationship. Trill humanoids have a narrow band of patterned spots running along the hairline to the sides of the neck, and then down along the body. Their hands are typically cool to the touch.

Not every Trill is Joined - its a difficult, competitive process with only a few hundred symbionts being given to Trill hosts a year, all going to the best and brightest, inspiring Trill to work hard at whatever they do.

Through joining with a Trill symbiont, the two merge personalities and the host gains an access to all the past host memories that the symbiont had been apart of - providing a kind of immortality for hosts. Even if they die, the symbiont can carry on their skills and memories to newer hosts.

Once joined, a host can not be separated from the symbiont and the symbiont can only be separated upon the death of the host.

Trill are members of the United Galactic Alliance.


  • +2 Intelligence, -1 Constitution
  • +4 to any one skill at character creation.

Racial FeatsEdit

Joined Trill: The character has been joined to a symbiont and receives many benefits. Character gains +2 WIS. A joined Trill gains two saving throws every time a Will save is needed: one for the host and one for the symbiont - the character may use the best save result. Character gains +5 to Listen checks. A newly joined host may utilize all class skills and levels of the symbionts previous host (DM's decision, though the character may request symbionts with certain background), however they may NOT advance any further in that class. This is due to the fact that the host body has not undergone the physical or mental training themselves as that class. Still should a host desire to begin the same class anew, they may do so at ½ the required experience point advancement. Joined Trill are allergic to insect bites and other toxins, having a -4 penalty to all Fort saves to resist their effects. If the save is failed, the Trill takes double damage. The biochemical connections of the symbiont and host cannot tolerate many toxins. Requires character level 3 and DM's Discretion (Character must prove themselves).