Undine, also known as Species 8472

Also known as Fluidians, but most commonly as Species 8472, this advanced species comes from a dimension known as 'Fluid Space,' which is filled with organic liquid.

They were first encountered in Normal Space and were the only race able to easily defeat Borg ships they encountered. Their designation of Species 8472 come from the Borg. Since their first appearance, the Borg have adapted to the Undine technology, so battles between the two races now are in favor of the Borg.

Undine's anatomy is unique in that they possess three five-jointed, even-toed ungulate feet or hooves. They have cross shaped pupils, and communicate exclusively through telepathy. They have a tall, thin, skeletal body that possess very little soft-tissue, and appendages appear to be supported by sinuous strands of muscle. Their outward appearance is marked mainly by bony crests located on their chest and disproportionately large heads, giving them a generally gangly appearance.

Undine can also survive the unprotected rigors of normal space, and appears not to need to breathe atmosphere, or even the organic fluid present in its own realm.

Members of Species 8472 emit a biogenic field around their bodies which interferes with normal transporters and renders it partially invisible to sensors.

For the most part, the Undine are unaffiliated with the races of Normal Space, much preferring the company of their own race. In the past, they have worked with both the United Galactic Alliance and the Black Horde.


  • +4 STR, +2 CON, -3 CHA
  • Can only communicate through telepathy (visual range). One way only.
  • Can survive in atmosphere-less environments (IE: Space)
  • Immune to normal scanning technologies
  • Regeneration: Can regenerate 1d6+level in hit points, twice a day.

Racial FeatsEdit

Virulent Attack: Some members of this species are able to leave a few cells of itself when it physically attacks an enemy, causing a dangerous infection. When the character makes a physical attack and manages to break the skin, it leaves a few of its own cells which begin to attack the opponent from the inside. The opponent is allowed a fortitude save (DC 21) to resist the initial infection. If that fails, than the enemy takes 1d2hp of damage every ten minutes until the anti-virus is administered. Requires character level 3.