Vorlon in Encounter Suit

Vorlons are one of the first sentient races, and are among the oldest races left in the Milkey Way. Little is known of the race, as they wear encounter suits when in the presence of other races. These suits serve to mask their true appearance which hasw been said to seem similar to angels.

The Vorlon's Homeworld is called Vorlon, and houses some of the most technologically advanced materials in the known galaxy. They rarely speak, and when they do, they seem to almost always speak in riddles.

They are beings composed of pure energy, and have been known to be extremely potent telepaths and telekenetics. They have been rumored to have started the telepathic evolution on dozens of worlds around the galaxy in order to help them combat the Shadows.

All Vorlon ships are organic in nature and seem to have an attachment for their owners. While largely operating in only an advisory position, the Vorlons were the race that pushed for the younger races to unite into the United Galactic Alliance.

While they are not officially members of the alliance, they are well-known to be affiliated with them.


  • +2 INT, +2 WIS
  • +1 AC
  • Able to survive in a vacuum

Racial FeatsEdit

Potent Mind: Vorlons are naturally strong in the arts of telepathy and telekenisis: Character gains both Telepathy (200 feet/level) and Telekenisis (50 feet + 10 pounds / Level). Requires Intelligence 13 and Wisdom 15. Organic Engineering: Vorlons have become particularly good at engineering organic ships and manipulating other races genetic codes. The character gains +2 to all Genetic Engineering checks, and instantly gains a bond with any organic ship they use. Requires Knowledge (Genetics) 5.

Angelic Past: Vorlon's historic interference and lore in the younger races gives them the upper hand during talks. The character gains +1/lvl to all influence-related checks (Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidation).